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Rough Collies

Rosie and Margie

Lynn and Margie got into rough collies when two of their German Shepherds had to be put to rest – one was old and her body gave out at the age of 14 and the other had had a degenerative disease since she was 2 years old. She lived to the age of 8, so they had only thanks that she was with them that long. Since Lynn and Margie were raising sheep, they wanted a breed that would be non-prey inclined. Margie liked the long haired dogs, Lynn had had a collie as a child. Shepherd breeders told them to look into

the collies, so that is what they did. It was love at first sight! With the guidance of Collie breeder and judge, Bob Hawkins, Lynn and Margie have bred, raised some litters and are now training rough collies for therapy work in the classroom as well as for Rally-Obedience.

Rosie, from Bob Hawkins’ kennel, came to live with them to fill the void that not having a dog will do to your life. That was how they came to raise a litter of puppies. Margie and Lynn wanted a puppy of their own as well, and sure enough, this litter produced some nice puppies!

Bailey at 1 Year

plain having fun with your dog in a public area! This type of competition appealed to Margie and with her first class, Bailey as well. Bailey has earned the reputation of being the dog who slipped her collar during a meet and wouldn’t come out of the ring! Time will tell how Bailey develops with her Rally-Obedience competitions!

Bailey – also known as Marlindale Spirit of Bailey, has been both a blessing – and challenge! When it comes to personality – she has it! Spirit? No problem! Presence? No problem. Bailey has energy and lots of it! Soon after moving to New Oxford, while Bailey was still under the age of 1, Margie heard of a new type of competition for dogs named Rally-Obedience. It was a cross between the strict regime of Obedience and just

Bailey at 2 Years


Both females have now produced some nice litters with some show quality pups as well! Meanwhile, both dogs love to be with people of all ages and walks of life. See puppy pictures below.

Both dogs are certified Pet Partners with Delta Society and with KPETS (See our Links page for more information).

Rosie's Puppies

Riley - Rosie's puppy (2004 litter)

Sable and White puppy from Rosie (2004)

Chloe-2 Rosie's puppy who now raises twins

Sable and White puppy from Rosie (2004)

Bailey's Puppies

Riley and Daddy
Riley and his sire, Kingsmark the Rest O'
the Story from the 2007 "Bailey" litter

Puppies from the 2007 "Bailey" litter

Rigel at 6 months from the 2007 "Bailey" litter

Rigel at 8 months from the 2007 "Bailey" litter

Sable and White from the 2007 "Bailey" litter

Tobey with his "human sister"
from the 2007 "Bailey" litter


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